February 2020

Whats new in 3.0?

  • Your simplDeploy-Packages are now compressed by default. This enables quicker download especially for customers with a poor internet-bandwidth.

  • Project-File can now be changed from within the isolated simplDeploy-Packager-Shell

  • Both SHA1 and SHA256 Signatures are now added to all your signed deployments

  • Timestamps are now added to all your signed deployments

  • New order-button in packager-window to cleanup your target-list

  • Your Project-Path is now displayed in the simplDeploy-Packager-Window from within VS


Whats new in 3.0.1:

  • You can redirect the installation-folder now with variable %SIMPLDEPLOY%

Whats new in 3.0.2:

  • Bugfix: Shortcuts where created with the wrong path.

Whats new in 3.0.3:

  • Bugfix: variable %SIMPLDEPLOY% was not always recognized.


Whats new in 3.1.1:

  • Timestamp-server can be configured

Bugs fixed:

  • When you moved your project simplDeploy didn't recognize the change in project-path

  • Under certain circumstances the number of packages beeing tied up was displayed wron in console/packager-window

  • The default-project-path was not corrected when you moved your project.

3.0 - Speed up your deployment
May 2019
2.0 - Automate your packaging-process
January 2019
1.9 - support for VS 2019 RC

Whats new in 2.0?

  • Command-Line-Interface for automating packaging-process outside VS (Open the extensions install folder an you'll find simplDeploy.Packager.exe)

  • Check for updates inside your application (use Nuget-Package: simplDeploy.Integration)

  • Better Support for Terminal-Server-Environments
    - If user has no permission to create shortcut in Startmenu it's created on Deskop
    - If Shortcut already exists no shortcut is created
    - Shortcuts are now created with Variables %LOCALAPPDATA% to share them with other users

  • Better support for pinning application with startup-arguments to taskbar
    - A shortcut is created on install providing the startup-arguments. This way if the started application gets pinned to windows taskbar the startup-argument is taken into account.


  • Bugfix for VS 2017 (Error for dependency to Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.15.dll)

  • Bugfix for Root-URL's without sub-path (for example: www.mysoftware.com)

Whats new in 1.9?

  • We officially support Visual Studio 2019 RC

  • Partial support for all project-types (e.g. FancySoftware.vbproj)

  • Add your custom uninstall procedures

  • Save password to signing-certificate

  • Bugfixes (NullReferenceExcpetion on update, corrupt simplDeploy.config prevented packager from opening, Error on install if spaces in file-names)

  • Requires now only .NET 4.5 (1.8 and lower required 4.6.1) on customer side (installed by default on all versions of windows - except Vista and XP)

  • command line install (for more info call your package with /?)

1.8 - signed packages

Whats new in 1.8?

  • Sign your package for best experience with security authorities

  • Pass startup arguments to your application depending on deployment target

1.7 - first public release